About Our Chicken Boarding Holidays 

Proud to be the new home of Staffordshire Chickens Boarding Holidays 
Following the retirement of Richard & Gail of Staffordshire Chickens we have move all of there Chicken Boarding units to our smallholding in Gorsey Bank, Nr Shifnal, TF11 8JG. 
At Fairview feathers we offer professional boarding services for your flock, so they can enjoy a home from home allowing you to enjoy your holiday. 
Everything is included in our boarding services to ensure a safe and comfortable stay for your flock; 
Easibed & Straw 
Quality layers pellets 
Grit with Mixed Corn 
Pecking blocks to keep them entertained 
All units are fully santised in between all stays. 
Our Chicken Holiday Boarding paddock is protected by stock fencing, 5 strands of electric and also patrolled by our herd of Alpacas to keep predators away. 
We have a choice of Eglu units with 3 metre enclosed runs or some Wooden Coups with a larger run area for larger flocks or if you just want your Hens to have more room, during there stay. 
Staffordshire Chicken Customer Information - 9 May 2024 
On the 9th May 2024, Richard & Gail retired and we moved all of their Chicken Boarding units to our smallholding Bolberry Cottage, Gorsey Bank, Nr Shifnal, TF11 8JG  
We have made contact with anyone that had a live booking on their system, so if you had a booking and you havent heard from us, please get in contact. 
Equally if your an existing Staffordshire Chickens customer who needs to make a booking then please do not hesitate to contact us on 07791 699347 or email mike@fairviewfeather.co.uk 
We look forward to welcoming all their customers and wish Richard & Gail a very happy retirement. 

Chicken Boarding Holiday Options 


Option 1 - Omlet Eglu Go 

£7.00 per night 
Can comfortable house upto 4 Hens 
4 night minimum stay = £28 minimum charge 

Option 2 - Omlet Eglu Cube 

£9.50 per night 
Can comfortable house upto 8 Hens 
4 night minimum stay = £38 minimum charge 

Option 3 - Wooden Coup 

£9.50 per night for up to 8 Hens 
Our wooden coups offer more space with a larger run area, they can comfortable house upto 12 Hens 
For flocks of more than 8, we add £1 per night, per Hen 
4 night minimum stay = £38 minimum charge for upto 8 hens 

Booking Enquiry Form 

To enquire about booking please fill in our form below and we will be in touch with you to confirm availability; 
Please note selection of your preferred unit, is not a guarantee you will be allocated that unit, as will be based on availability, but we will do out best to accomodate you're preferred unit. 
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