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 Ducks and Ducklings for sale  Pricelist Summary  Large Breed Ducks £15 each at point of lay  Call Ducks £20 each at point of lay  Ducklings are from £6 at day old, please note we then add a £1 per week which is then capped at £15 per bird  Ducklings need to be kept under heat until they are 3-4 weeks dependent on the number of ducklings and temperature.  Off heat ducklings at 4-5 weeks old would be from £10 each.   Discounts available on large orders 

Ducks for Sale 

Khaki Campbell point of lay Ducks for Sale - £15 each 
The Khaki Campbell is a breed of domesticated duck that originated in England and is kept for its high level of egg production. 
The Khaki Campbell duck has a more modest plumage of Khaki covering the entirety of the body. Despite popular misconceptions of skittish or flightly behavior Campbells are a very gentle, passive and friendly breed when raised by hand until maturity. They are a good breed for young families and children to raise. 
Cherry Valley point of lay Ducks for Sale - £15 each 
Cherry Valleys are a commerical breed based on a Pekin duck they have been breed to be a good miced use bird as they are prolific eggs layers but can also make a good meat bird. 
Like the Khaki campbells they are gentle and passive.